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As a result of our R & D studies carried out by our experienced engineers in the field, we focus on ready-mixed concrete solutions you need and quality concrete batching plant manufacturing and installation. Customer satisfaction is one of our basic principles. Our goal is not only business success, but also to provide the appropriate product by determining the needs of our customers.          Spare parts manufacturing, production quality and workmanship, assembly and disassembly, training and after-sale service quality and customer-oriented working understanding of our company has exceeded the borders of our country.
The foundation of the ASFA Group of Companies was laid in 1977 by Honorary President Mehmet Cercer and in the following years the first group company started its activity by selling construction mater
Adacal Inc., was founded in 2000 as a lime factory in 110.000m2'lik area. High-quality ore, has been a brand in the industry with advanced technology and meticulous in production. Adacal, the lime market operates in two different areas, including construction and industry. The importance of scale in the industry increasing every day and is becoming an important input in the production. Our company, gold, silver, aluminum, boron, precious metals business, such as soda, iron and steel enterprises, power plants, water treatment plants, such as glass-fiber and chemical industries, is the case of providers of non-tolerance level of quality they have set the industry on its products. In 2009, the limestone quarry business by taking our company to the "selective mining" practice It has been launched. Thus, continuous and high quality management in production has been achieved. In 2010, an important step discarded, Turkey has started the first industrial-scale investment PCC. Our company by putting PCC plant in 2011, "adacal" in morphology baslamistir.istenil to serve the industry with its brand and nano can be produced in sizes "adacal" products, paints, plastics, chemicals, paper and pharmaceuticals and are used in the food industry and needs by providing needed technical specifications, the companies quality and increase the gains in terms of cost. Our company, limestone, lime and forms an integrated structure with the PCC production facilities. Thus, without being dependent on external supply of raw materials it is constant and guaranteed quality products. PCC also used in the production of carbon dioxide released in the lime production also provides an environmental gain. Of investments in our company as a requirement equipped with modern equipment, strong laboratory has been established. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), including our laboratory and pilot plant plays an important role in product development efforts need to fit.
YiNMAK, which produces crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipments for the processing systems of mining, quarrying and industrial plants, is combining experience, technology and qualificated labor to keep the services it provide in the highest level. Our equipments which are used in the mining field processes and in the quarrying to produce concrete and asphalt aggregate, and in the producing of base materials of the railways and motorways are designed and is produced considering the work safety, ease of operation and maintenance. QUALITY POLICY YiNMAK's principle is to be at the highest class in the quality forever by using the developing technology and evaluating its customers demands and expectations. The quality policy of YiNMAK is to be the creator and not to be the follower of the devolopments in its field. OUR VISION Our vision is to become a company which keeps its staff and customer's satisfaction at the top level and being the locomotive leading to the front not to being following wagon. OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide a continuously increasing satisfaction of customers by presenting the best solutions to the customer's requirements in full and in time.
OMAS METAL INDUSTRIES and TRADING CO. LTD. is a manufacturing company rendering sales, marketing and logistics services for the effective and efficient delivery of the technological products to the consumers. Omas with its standing in technology supply network and its professionalism, productivity, honesty and market development qualifications maintained since it is founded is recognized as one of the leading companies of the technology market of Turkey.

Omas is founded in 1995 and markets circular metal profile cutting saws, marble, granite, asphalt, concrete cutting saws, knife-edge disks in international standards throughout Turkey and Asian countries.


Our establishment aims to increase its market share and competition power by offering products that satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. By creating the facilities for the continuous development of our staff, closely following-up the developing technology and adopting continuous betterment understanding we strive to be the leader in our sector.
pi Makina founded in 1972 as the manufacturing division of its constituent company ERG Construction Trade and Industry Co. Inc. Dedicated to manufacturing equipment that helps build the world's infrastructure. Our management policy is to use advanced technology with continuous improvement approach to ensure customer satisfaction through timely and high quality production. Pi Makina has been proudly and manufacturing a broad range of products and providing high quality services in construction machinery over 40 years.
KAYNAK HUNER End. Mak. Hird. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti was established as a small lathe workshop at 1974. Today We are going on our production at area of 1500 sqm in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. At our 30 years experince our main priority is “ produce best quality products” .We never change this priority and we continue to grow at our industry. Over the years our company has developed its product portfolio, with a wide range of light construction machinery industry caters to dealers throughout Turkey. Another goal in our company to grow in overseas markets Because of this we are working for find new overseas dealers at all over the World. We will give same effort for high succes graph same as yesterday because we want to give best service to our customer with our energetic,dyanamic and innovator working team.